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Hotmail phone number 0800-098-8400

Hotmail now known as or Microsoft's web email service Hotmail is widely used for mail services around the world. Hotmail is service provided by Microsoft Corporation and is also known as Windows Live Mail provider. Hotmail is a free web mail service provider founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. To obtain Hotmail email services you need to have a account on hotmail or outlook and must have email address and password. With email password is also very necessary to access your hotmail account.

Hotmail Change Password:

Hotmail is a widely used mail services in all world. It has been providing its services through years. Hotmail is now known as or it can also be called as Microsoft's web email service. Basically known as Hotmail, Windows Live Mail provides variety of services to its users. Need not to be confused in different names, if you have Hotmail account, you can use it through website. You can perform various activities through it, you can login account, change password, checking mail etc.

There are two steps to hotmail change password: Changing a password from your account or by recovering the forgotten password through an alternate account.

The first method to change password may include following steps:

1 Sign in to your hotmail account by entering you id and password

2. Select account setting by going to your profile in the upper right corner of you mail.

3. Click Security and password setting option in the menu.

4. Verify your account details if hotmail ask.

5. Now click the Change Password link.

6. enter your current password here and then enter you new password and then reconfirm your new password and then click submit button.

To get various help related to your hotmail account you can refer passwordhelp. Hotmail change password help is also provided here. You can change your password by going to your account settings or you can also reset your password in case you have forgotten it. You can also recover your password using your alternate email id but if you don’t have a recovery id or you have forgotten it you need to fill a questionnaire provided by Microsoft that can verify your identity and can help you in acceding your forgotten password.

If you face any problem in signing to your account you can take hotmail password help it will firstly it will ask you the reason of your problem:

If you have forgotten your password you can recover it with few steps like selecting the option cant access your account appearing below sign in button, then select I forgot my password and click next then enter you email address and captcha click next then it will send recover link to your alternate email or you can recover it by filling a Microsoft questionnaire.

Hotmail Contact Telephone Number is 0800-098-8400 

Reset your password: in case you forgot your password and want to reset it you need to follow certain steps. Firstly it will ask you to enter your email id after which you need to answer the security question; the answer must be same as you entered while creating the account. Then you can reset the password by confirming your details you entered and then update your account.

Changing your password: firstly Sign in to your hotmail account, go to account setting, select security and password setting option then verify your account, now click the Change Password link and then enter your current password and your new password, reconfirm your new password and then click submit button.

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